Lomo Saltado

Tender strips of steak, roma tomatoes, red onion, and french fries, sautéed and served with a side of white rice.


Chicken Salad

Romaine lettuce and Spring Mix, topped with boneless sliced rotisserie chicken, sliced tomatoes, queso fresco and hard boiled eggs.


Pollo Saltado

Tender strips of chicken, roma tomatoes, red onions, and french fries, sautéed and served with a side of white rice.


Arroz Chaufa

A Peruvian style stir fried rice with chicken, sausage, egg and scallions. Served with a side salad.


Green Beans

reg. $3.49 | lg. $4.99

Whole Chicken

Cut into 4 or 8


Half Chicken


Quarter Dark

Leg & Thigh


Quarter White

Breast & Wing


House Salad

Hand Cut Fries

Cole Slaw

Chicken Soup

Yellow Corn

Yucca Fries

(Cripsy Baked)


(Fried Green Plantains)


(Fried Sweet Plantains)

Monday: Pollo Saltado

Strips of boneless chicken, sautéed with Roma tomatoes, red onions and fresh cilantro, served over fries with a side of rice.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday

Three Chicken Tacos topped with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro & queso fresco! Served with our special Valentina hot sauce and lime wedges.

Wednesday: Chop Chop

Boneless, skinless, rotisserie chicken "chopped" and sautéed with corn. Served over a bed of jasmine rice and black beans, topped with house made Pico and Tostones.

Thursday: Arroz Con Pollo

Our famous Spanish rice, infused with herbs and spices, cooked with chicken.

Friday: Jerk Chicken

Tender cuts of chicken, smothered in a sweet but spicy jerk sauce, served with rice, black beans and sweet plantains

Caramel Flan

Caramel custard, topped with a layer of soft caramel.


Alfajores Caramel Cookie

Two sugar cookies filled with dulce de leche, topped with powdered sugar. ($2.25 with Nutella)


Tres Leches

Moist Spanish style cake, dipped in 3 flavorful cremes.